Blazing Angels

Rednote composed a 55 minute orchestral score in the classical Hollywood tradition for Ubisoft’s Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII.

Sylvain Brunet, Ubisoft: “Working with Rednote was a wonderful experience. These guys are amazingly professional. They composed a great musical score, setting an authentic atmosphere that perfectly fits the ambience of the game. Big thumbs up for the main theme!”
XGP Gaming: “There are some positives in the audio department. The soundtrack is fantastic; it boasts one of the most epic scores I’ve ever heard.”
Team X-Box: “The same orchestral movements and passages found in epic films can be found in Blazing Angels. The soundtrack is straight Hollywood and may even remind some gamers of the epic Pearl Harbor. The orchestra ebbs and flows with the action, which is particularly well executed in the Campaigns. Most will appreciate the professional string, woodwind, and brass work thrown down during historical missions and the accompanying load screens.”
Gamer’s Edge: “Most WWII games manage to put together a fine instrumental soundtrack – Blazing Angels is no exception. Its sweeping music ranges from slower, more mellow music to fast-paced, high intensity tracks that keep you interested.”
IGN: “The sound in Blazing Angels is easily one of the highlights of the game, [with] a solid cinematic score.”